Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yeaaaaaah, I finally got my Clothcraft glasses!~ I'm all studious now but more about that later~ Anyway, besides that amazing occurance, things have been pretty good on game. Joined a new Nyzul static a while back with Orodruin (the same guy from the older static) and it's been great. Everyone one of us have Xbox Live so we can all chat over the headsets during the runs. Makes things go MUCH smoother. Although its strange, we're all on Xbox live, but I'm the only one not playing FF on Live, I play on PC! XD So far we've gotten numerous drops, but personally I've gotten Askar Korazin and Denali Bonnet. ^^ I've missed out on a Denali Jacket though thanks to Cerberus and SE being retarded. We get Cerberus for the last boss, and we have around 5 seconds left when I finally kill him, and right as we see he dropped a Denali Jacket and Vorpal Sword, the zone kicks us. How retarded is that? /sigh oh well. I've also managed to snag Rank 9 Sand'oria. Need to 9-1 still, but haven't been able to find help for it, or help for my DRK AF Helm fight for that matter. Tuufie and I tried to duo the AF Helm but we failed. He wanted to fight the 2 skeletons first and do the weapon last. Well while I was killing a skeleton, the other 2 mobs pwned him. After my skeleton was dead I engaged the Weapon and used Hundred Fists and got him to around 2% before I died. So we could of won had we killed him first! ><

As for the last few days, I've been focused solely on getting my Clothcraft glasses. I'm currently 54 Clothcraft too as well. The only problem is now I'm stuck with Green Ribbons which require 2 Silk Cloth to make. I have to do that until 62 urgh. Besides that, been going to dynamis more regularly now. However work has now prevented me from going on Sundays, which kind of sucks but oh well. Oh! I also got a Wyrm Armet -1! However, it would cost 300k to trade that with my AF2 in for the AF2+1 so I think I'll hold off. As much as I would love to get it right now, it would require me to pull my AF out of storage and I haven't the room. Also I'm rarely ever on DRG anymore (much to my dismay) so it would be kind of pointless to spend that much money right now.

As for real life stuff, it is currently my spring break, which means....homework! I'm very behind on work so I've been catching up. Meanwhile Saoirse is in CA visiing her family. She'll be back on Saturday. Other activities I've been doing is playing Xbox 360. Picked up Star Ocean: The Last Hope and its hella fun. Best RPG since Lost Odyssey I'd have to say, (as for JRPGs). Other than that, I went through my FFXI Screenshots and have a bunch to show off! So I will leave you with that! :D

Here is Esor playing my Harpsichord :3

This is me helping out Crlmsonking with her JoyToy a while back, congrats!

This is Saoirse and I doing Maze Mongers or w/e its called!

This is Thazienne's butt, I told him I'd put it up here! ^o^

This final one is of Fishura making me a signed Dragon Subligar before he quits!

Anyway, that is all, until next time!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Final Semester

Well I rarely post anymore but anyway, not too much going on. I was in a Nyzul Isle static for a bit there and got to floor 20 before it finally fell through. Nobody seems to have the motivation to stay focused or is that reliable :/

Besides that, I've gotten BLU to 58, and have recently started leveling DRK, (Thanks to Manders <3). I joined a party with her level synced at 37, and managed to get 42 in one party. Was amazingly fun. After that I partied in a few random ones until 47 in which I joined some other group and got 52! My DRK is swimming along smoothly which is pretty cool. Now I have to cap my skills for it, which kind of sucks but meh. I'm already 3/5 on DRK AF too ^^ Also the other night I did my final BLU AF quest with Darkdawn and Esor who needed it also. So yay I can store that now. That's pretty much all that has been going on. Saoirse started playing the game again but she only logs in once in a while. She's been leveling DNC. I still mostly log in for Limbus and that is it so hopefully I'll get another burst of energy. I had a great vacation and got a lot done. Oh! I also managed to get Rank 7 Sandoria so yay, almost done with it~

I'm supposed to start classes today but they have been pushed back to the 15th, so I dunno what to do for the next 3 days. No work until Saturday (I just worked 8 nights in a row Dx). POL is down for maint right now so I'm just sitting here. I'll probably play Xbox or something. I bought Tomb Raider Underworld (for like $10 new XD) and have recently beaten it. I got all the achievements but one, but I don't feel like playing through the whole thing over again on hard mode right now. I'm not sure what other game I want to play. Probably hop on Call of Duty or something until maint is done. Anyway, sayonara~

Monday, December 01, 2008

I still live :o

Soooooo. I do exist :o I barely play anymore lately. I usually only log on for Limbus and that's it. Sometimes to talk to people but in all honesty, no one really plays anymore. At least out of the people I used to play with from my LS and friends. There are still a few around granted, but not much going on. However, I must say congratulations to Seraph and Ararith for finally getting engaged! Big news! Now if only he'd update HIS blog too! :o Besides that, not much going on. Been playing a lot of Xbox 360. Hmm some new games I have gotten are Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, Call of Duty: World at War, and some others. Also got a Wii finally too o.ov but barely play it. As for FFXI events, I only log on for Limbus like I've said, or if I feel like playing Blue Mage. Almost 57 yay. I dunno, the game has lost its major appeal for me: the players. I'm not saying there are no more people on there I like, its just my best friends have either quit or play rarer than I do (Yes I'm talking about you Tuuf!) Speaking of Tuuf, he just yelled at me for not being online much so I guess I'll have to remedy that. It's kind of sad when I get yelled at for my online time from someone who is barely online as it is Dx

Mostly though I wanted to put this out there! All I really want to do lately and for the past few months is the new endgame events. Salvage/Nyzul/ZNM/etc. My previous Salvage group fell through and I won't go into details why, but I really want to do these events. All I've gotten from Salvage is a 35 piece. Not even enough to do anything with. Also now there are all these people running around with new Weapon skills, it makes me sad I don't have them yet! Anyway, if anyone knows any good groups, drop me a /tell on game or AIM or something. I really want to do some of that stuff :o

Anyway, that's about all thats going on with me. Got a weird email this morning from my Youtube account from a Jrock band in CA looking for a guitarist :o I was really flattered but they are in CA and I'm in AZ ;.; bummer ya? Oh well, talk about a major ego boost! XD

I'll leave you with a new Dir en Grey song <3 I'm addicted to it and almost mastered it on guitar! XD


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Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm Back

Well, I've been back now for about 2 weeks and I haven't bothered to update the blog. Mostly because nothing of major concern has happened. I finally got my rollback and all my stuff was restored and I am finally able to play the game again. However it feels very different. I don't know what it is, but there is no zest that I was hoping for. Endgame activities have become rather stagnant if I can even attend them. Work cuts in on a lot of stuff so I can't ever go to Salvage, Sky/Sea, or Limbus much lately. Hopefully that will all change next semester.

Anyway, I've been focused on leveling BLU for a bit here. The first few days I was back I spent the time meriting and got around 4 merits. Then I decided to start up BLU, which is now at level 30. It's been a lot of fun although learning spells is rather tedious, but thanks to Crlmsonking the other day for helping me learn 4 in record time for me! On another side note, I got my Final Fantasy XI: Piano Collections CD in the mail today! I took a quick picture to show you what it looks like, (mostly to copy my friend Tuufers, who also snagged a copy as well as the in-game item ^^).

Pretty snazzy eh? Anyway, I haven't taken a screenshot of my Mog House yet, I reorganized everything to fit in the Harpsichord. I will update this entry with a screenshot sometime in the next day or so as I am currently on the airship on my way to Jeuno.

Besides the recent stuff, that's all that has been happening. Been working a lot. Sao and I purchased some tickets to the advance screening of The Dark Knight on Thursday night, so that is what I am most looking forward to. Expect a blog post on that as well! I'm also awaiting my preorder of Final Fantasy IV DS which comes out July 22nd. Looks to be a good month! Also looking forward to the new X-Files movie o.ob

Until next time~

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


For those of you who haven't heard about it, I was recently hacked. Some lowlife managed to steal my ID and Password and log onto my character. What happened was on May 31st/June 1st, I logged off in Kuftal Tunnel around 1am PST. The next day, I tried to log on around 11-11:30am and it said my ID and Password were wrong. After a few more tries I began to worry. I asked a friend to do a /search for my name and low and behold there I was Whitegate. I was furious and when my friend messaged my character, whoever it was logged off. After that it took me around 2 hours to get a hold of a GM and suspend my account, but alas, the damage had already been done. It took them a week to investigate the problem and when I was able to log on, my character was raped. The asshole was on NIN with all my Speed gear on, (AF+1, Sprinters boots, and even BLM sub for Warp) so he could go back and forth faster while stealing my gear. He managed to take everything I own besides a few stacks of COR cards. He left me with just my Rare/Ex stuff besides my Osode of course. All my AF, AF+1, AF2, and Sky/Sea gear are in tact, but all my weapons, armor for all my jobs, and other valuables are gone. I was thinking "Hmm, how can I find out who did this?" So I went to the AH and checked my delivery box and saw that player named Odidongbei had sent himself 24,425gil but never picked it up. I promptly cancelled it and wrote down his name. Furthermore I wanted to see if he sold any of my stuff so I went to FFXI and searched his name. Out of the 6-8 things he had up, 6 were items that were stolen from me, including my Hagun, Peacock Charm, Chiv Chain, etc. I checked my mules as well and I saw that he stole my Jujutsi Gi, Spirit Torque, and another item as well. However that was it, he left the rest of my random gear either because he ran out of time because of the suspension, or because he didn't want the rest. My 3rd mule was untouched as far as I can tell.

Anyway, after a LOT of drama from GM's, I finally got through to them and they said that to do a rollback would take another 7 days so here I am still waiting. A friend of mine, Glacian, also had this happen to him. Aparently it has been happening to a lot of people because of a recent Flash player hack where they can copy your registry over into their computers. Square Enix has been busy nonstop trying to fix all these hacks, but still they are impossible to get a hold of. I've been playing this game since day 1 it was released in the USA on PC and their customer support is just horrible. They offer next to no assistance on weekends (which oddly enough is when most people play the game right?) and that forces players to wait out their problems until Monday, only to find out that the Playonline Hotline is busy....all day. Then they place a GM call, as I did with my girlfriends character Saoirse, only to wait 6hours for a response. This is frustrating beyond belief.

After talking to a few people who have had rollbacks done, I do not know what to expect. Some say that all they got back were their rare/ex stuff and that was all that was saved to the servers. If that is the case, then I am screwed, for that is all I have at the moment. Sure that was the hard to get stuff, but literally ALL of my stuff that isn't Rare/ex is gone. When I talked to the GM, they said that gil, items, and gear would be restored upon rollback and that everything will be back to normal. I somehow find that hard to believe. GM's have really let me down recently. However the other night I logged on to Playonline, which was in a weird mode because my account was frozen for rollback, and ended up in a GM chat. The GM I spoke to was really nice and sympothized with me. He even explained the recent outbreak of hacks and showed his genuine concern for me. He went on to say how people like this are an abomination and that he is saddend to see a player such as myself with a long standing commitment to the game, screwed over like this. The people that did this have no souls. The GM made me feel better and assured me that the rollback should work and even went on to explain why it takes them 7 days to do it. Apparently they are just the middle men and all of the rollback takes place on the Japanese servers, so the GM's have to document everything they can and then that is sent out to another office who then translates it and does their own mini investigation. So much work for such a little thing to do. The first 7 day investigation was simply to determine if the account I spoke of, was indeed mine -_-.

Anyway that is what has been happening recently. I've been biding my time away with Assassin's Creed, GTAIV, and Eternal Sonata. However I really want to come back to the game and I really hope I can. Assuming what the rollback does for me though, will determine if I decide to stay in Vana'Diel. This experience has been horrible and my sympothy goes out to any who have been affected by this malicious hack.

PS: I MISS SALVAGE! Dx Although I don't miss going as THF! /stare Ringthree >.>;'

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucky Streak

Recently a bunch has happened that I just had to post about! First off, Versus did our normal Sea run on Thursday, and we closed it off with a Jailer of Justice fight. The amazing part was that the torque actually dropped! A few of us were allowed to lot and I actually won the lot O_O. Needless to say I didn't expect this at all but somehow I won. It didn't hit me for a day or two that I actually had a Justice Torque now, but when it did I was pumped! It's such a sexy piece of gear and it makes my SAM that much more awesome.

After that, Tuufless managed to find some time to log on and him, Esor and I decided to do an ENM. We did the antlion one and although nothing dropped, such as Hagun or Foragers Mantle, we still won and gained 2500exp so that was a win in my book! The good times didn't stop there however, later on during the weekend I did a random KS30 run because I've been needing my Destroyers forever for my MNK, and FINALLY they decided to drop. I also made about 35k too so that was an amazing night as well!

That's not all! Last night for our salvage run, something amazing happened. We got drops! I finally got my hands on my first actual piece other than 15s! I got my Usukane 35 Leg piece! We also did the boss and got an Ea's doublet 25 and usukane hands 25. I passed the hands because I don't have the money for them, and Ring can get them long before I will. Omoi got the Ea's. I'm still kind of in shock at how well the run went. Plus the fact that we actually got things to drop! This is amazing!

On a side note, I found some random screenshots I thought I'd post from a while back. One is from Sao and my wedding ages ago:

Such fond memories of that time ^^v

Another random screenshot I just think is cool is from one of our old Explorer Dynamis runs. A few samurai friends and myself just happened to be in a cool pose and I took a screenshot of it. Glacian would be proud!

Well that's about all there is to report. Limbus tonight but I can't make it. Finals time sucks c.c I finished one of my papers today, I still have 2 more to do that are due tomorrow so it will be a long night I think. /deathga

Monday, April 21, 2008

Recent Happenings

Sorry for not posting for a while. Been focused on classes and have been too lazy to update this. Although by following some other blogs from my link-list you can probably see what I've been up to by other people's posts. Recently I've been focused on getting my subs to lvl 37. I got BLM to 37 and then jumped to RNG which is now 36 at the moment, but should be 37 in the next day or two, (it really depends on my workload, it's finals week). Hmm let's see here. Been doing a lot of salvage. Although 99% of them are losses. I'm getting tired of losing too but we keep coming so close to winning almost all of them; its frustrating. I've managed to build up a bit of assault points so I'm not so stressed out now that I have a few runs in me for salvage. I can't really make it to CiB's assault runs very often, but I try to go when I can. I did a couple assault runs with Fishura a few days ago so ty to him for the extra needed points and wins. I'm currently like 18/25 for my next rank up! Then I can finally get the Perdu Blade.

Versus has been doing a little bit of sky and a little bit of sea, but not much to talk about there. Nothing major going on. Although for Sea we managed to get our first torques to drop, which was a Fortitude torque and a Prudence I believe (I had to go before the Prudence one dropped). Ashhhhh got the Fort and I think Noze got the Prudence. Check Ringthree's blog for details on that. This past Sunday we popped 2 Kirin's and got some great drops. First one dropped an Osode and Dryadic Abj. Second was W legs and ingot! Major congrats go to Crlmsonking for getting the W legs, she deserves them! Also congrats to her and Ash for the new baby on the way! Gogo team!

Now it's time for pictures! These are just some random stuff I've been doing since I last posted. First up is congrats to Esor for her Kyudogi. I'm not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post but here's a picture!

Some other stuff that I've been up to is trying to help Theora get his Subligar and swift belt. He's leveled DNC and now he's going THF so it's really useful for him. Also congrats to Ararith, Pilfer, Saoirse, and Esor for their Swift Belts. 5/5 Swift Belts for the win!

Next up is a random skillup party Sao and I went to with Theora and Pilfer a bit ago. Nothing major happened then, but here's a screenshot of it anyway!

I've also been crafting quite a bit lately. Managed to get my Clothcraft to 53! Working on building up some points for the Magnifying glasses, which are 70k I believe. So far I have 40k so almost there!

Lastly I'd like to just point out that the graphics in FFXI have always been good and after all these years playing it, I'm still hooked. Furthermore, no matter how many expansions are released, I still can't help but be amazed by Misareaux Coast, everytime I run through it. The waterfall is just breathtaking and it's still my favorite zone in the game.

That is what's been going on in my neck of the woods, so I'll see you all soon or on game~